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For just one day each summer, Uber delivers ice cream on demand in cities around the world. 2016 was the first year we designed Uber Ice Cream marketing collateral within our new brand. We wanted to give this global campaign its own flavor while still working in our new visual identity.

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Team members / roles

  • Ben Kieffer - Designer
  • Rian O’Neill - Copywriter
  • Jeremy Perez-Cruz - Sr. Design Manager
  • Jen Solley - Producer
  • Vicky Gu - Swag
  • Launched

    June 2016

    The challenge

    Helado. Aisukurīmu. Crème glacée. Sorvete. No matter how you say it, ice cream tastes delicious. We needed to create a cross-channel marketing campaign that could be implemented consistently in 400 cities around the world—all on the same day.

    Car with Uber ice cream branding

    We started by establishing a campaign theme that was all about sharing the experience with others—Indulge together. We explored ways to make the delivery experience memorable and shareable.

    We focused heavily on creating a vast array of digital assets to get the most out of #UberIceCream, which trends organically across social channels every year.

    Our Process

    Visually, we took the core brand system and found ways to flex it through this fun campaign theme. From car wraps to napkins to GIFs, everything had the same look and feel. Whether you were requesting in Mumbai or Miami, you got to feel the same friendly vibes.


    Campaign visual system

    Our team kicked off the process by creating new custom patterns and simplified illustrations, which we then combined with colors from our existing color palette.





    Uber ice cream branding applied to a shirt.

    Delivery assets

    We developed a variety of swag—buttons, frisbees, totes, napkins—to enhance the ice cream delivery experience. We also increased visibility with vehicle wraps, flags, and stickers. Local teams were able to print elemental designs like photo backdrops to help events stand out.

    • Buttons

    • Apparel

    • Photo Backdrops

    • Frisbees

    • Vehicle Wraps

    • Elemental Designs

    • Totes

    • Flags

    • Napkins

    • Stickers


    Robotic hand holding an ice cream cone.

    Digital assets

    With the help of our global social media team, our designers and copywriters crafted language and photo concepts in line with the “Indulge together” theme. We created roughly 100 photos, illustrations, and animated GIFs.

    Bold Colors

    The bold colors used throughout speak to rich, indulgent flavors.

    Strong Shadows

    Strong shadows represent the contrasts between hot and cold.

    Playful props

    Playful props tie back to the themes of fun, togetherness, and celebration.

    Our Results

    More than 400 cities on six continents shared in the frozen fun. Altogether about 443,000 people requested Uber Ice Cream in 2016, more than double the year before.


    Total Cities


    Unique Requests


    Total Deliveries

    Demand was off the charts, with total requests on a single day tallying some 2.5 million. All together, we made 123,000 individual deliveries.

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