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The app that moves millions of people every day was rebuilt from the ground up. So we needed to create a launch campaign to show our riders what changed, how it works, and why it’s better than ever. And since Uber operates in nearly 600 cities worldwide, the audience for this campaign was about as global as they get.

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Team members / roles



Team members / roles

  • Shalin Amin - Creative Director
  • Ryan O’Neil - Lead Copy Writer
  • Donald Wong - Lead Designer
  • Mirth Prepont - Lead Designer
  • Carey Head - Lead Producer
  • Ana Heller - Sr. Copywriter
  • Catherine Ray - Sr. Designer
  • Roger Oddone - Sr. Designer
  • Peter Markatos - Creative Director
  • Mason Field - Designer
  • Arianna Pilram - Sr. Producer
  • Jesse Romero - Producer
  • Sam Heller - Producer
  • Liz England - Business Affairs Manager

Our approach

Naturally, we started with the app itself. Working in tandem with the product team, we dove into the ride request experience and got a solid handle on all the new features.

We quickly realized that this was not just a paint job. The app was fundamentally changing to do the one thing that matters most to our riders—get a ride faster.

With the inspirational work of the product designers and developers in mind, we started to explore overarching campaign concepts. We landed on one rooted in the first question that would greet riders in the new app: “Where to?” Then it was off to the races on scripts, storyboards, and wireframes.


We explored many different ways to unpack the new features, but landed on a linear journey that mirrors the actual app flow.

After the launch, we continued to show riders what’s new and improved through educational emails, paid social posts, in-app tutorials, and How To videos. The total number of media impressions for the campaign topped 63 million. But most importantly, this work had an immediate impact on the business—riders exposed to the marketing had a 20% jump in number of trips. And everyone had a faster way forward.

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