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SF Design Week: Why I Design for Uber

All we know is what we hear in the press. Behind the scenes, there is an amazingly talented group of designers striving for excellence: working to innovate and create better products. With this years theme Question Everything front and center, join Nancy Douyon/ UX Researcher, Ian Chee/ Head of Brand Strategy, Molly Nix/ ATG Staff Product Designer, Emily Teele/ CRM Creative Director and moderator Lori Mann/ Producer for a riveting panel about life at Uber and have the opportunity to join the conversation.

June 16 2017Attend Event
SF Design Week: Why I Design for Uber

Upcoming Events

SF Design Week:  “She Started It” Screening

SF Design Week: “She Started It” Screening

Nora Poggi, Director and Producer of this film will join us for the screening of “She Started It” and Q&A. This is a 60 minute documentary film on women tech entrepreneurs—shot on location in Silicon Valley, NYC, Europe, Vietnam, Mississippi, and more—that aims to highlight successful role models for young women. It's the first film to take a behind-the-scenes look at running a tech start-up as a young woman.

June 20 2017Attend Event

Past Events

Uber Design Presents: Designing on Growth Teams

Uber Design Presents: Designing on Growth Teams

Watch Angel Steger of Pinterest, Tom Milway of Strava, Sonya Ives and Paul Smith of Uber and moderator Lori Mann, as they discussed how designers work on growth teams in each of their organizations. The group will share perspective, challenges, and techniques.

May 18 2017Watch Video

Driver Stories Exhibit

Driver Stories Exhibit

Driver Stories photography introduces people whose courage and compassion have inspired us. Each person’s unique experience and generously shared perspective make us proud to partner with them.

March 21 2017

Uber Design Nights: Celebrating Women, Inspiring Girls

Uber Design Nights: Celebrating Women, Inspiring Girls

This was a special Uber Design Night as we partnered with Top Girl Coder and WorldWideWomen to celebrate the career paths of women, with girls from local schools in the audience. Panelists were Tanya Lindermeier, Ericka Olson, Maureen Broderick, Christine Fernandez & Amanda Hughes-Watkins. We screened Tiffany Shlain’s film 50/50: Rethinking the Past, Present, and Future of Women + Power.

March 29 2017Watch Video

Uber Design Nights:

Uber Design Nights:
Sprints at Scale

Sprint leaders Marta Rey Barbarro, Nadya Direkova, Molly Stevens and Dilan Mahendran gave tips and tricks on how to scale sprints for small and large companies.

February 09 2017Watch Video

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